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The Families on the Forefront

Alice & Kara Brouhard

Don’t tell Alice and Kara “No”. If you do, be prepared for this dynamic duo to upset your “Apple” cart. Kara experienced a brain injury when she was just five years old, but that hasn’t stopped her from living in her own home and demonstrating the latest in Smart Home technologies.

Her mother, Alice Brouhard, is a pioneer of technology used to enable people with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), empowering them to lead successful, self-sufficient lives. Consider Alice an early adopter, she has been using technology since 1988 to support her independence. Described as an iPad ninja, she has broadened her interest and expertise to include those individuals who are wishing to “age in place” and their families.

Active in many technology focused groups, she currently serves on the Assistive Technology Coalition through the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine (since 2013) and is a much sought after speaker at both aging and disability conferences.

Read more about Kara and Alice’s victory over petitioning Apple.

Katherine Carol & Mikelle Learned

Katherine and Mikelle are speakers, authors and innovators. Mikelle graduated ‘outstanding’ senior from her high-school, pioneering full inclusion and participation in the Denver Public School system. But she wasn’t done there, she started her own business, spoke to Congress and purchased her own home. All with aid of technology.

Katherine likes to optimize systems assisting people to do their best work. Her wealth of professional experience includes involvement in nonprofit rehabilitation, for-profit leadership, and management arenas. Katherine is currently chairperson of the Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities, Board Member for the Washington Initiative on Supported Employment, and former chairperson and founding chair of Denver Options, a community centered board for persons with developmental disabilities in Colorado.

Katherine and her daughter, Mikelle have worked as tireless advocates in the disability field. As bloggers, writers and speakers they continue to advocate for 21st Century Rehabilitation Solutions for today’s evolving community.

Jill & Sam Pidcock

Jill Pidcock’s passion is assisting families, agencies and organizations to find resources and needed support for individuals experiencing a disability. As the President of JP Consultants LLC, Jill helps to navigate complicated service delivery systems. She currently serves on Board of Directors and Committees for several companies including; Arc of Colorado, Colorado Collaboration for Autism and other Neurological Disability Options (CO-CANDO), The Living Spectrum (501(c)(3), and Family Supports and Services Program for the local Community Centered Board.

Jill is a wife and mother of 2 sons, the oldest of which was identified with autism at the age of 2 years. Along with her husband, they work tirelessly to create a lifestyle that is accessible, accommodating and accepting of their son, Sam.

Sallie & Bill Bernard

Sallie helped to start Ascendigo Extreme Sports Camp 10 years ago in order to provide challenging and fun outdoor adventure sports opportunities to youth across the autism spectrum. This program has now expanded into full life community based options for youth and adults with autism. Her newest project with her son Bill is the Yellow House in Carbondale. This unique house was fully remodeled in 2014 to accommodate individuals experience autism with more significant needs to live independently in their community. Sallie invested in creating a sensory-sensitive living space designed to reduce anxiety and increase self-sufficiency, choice and health for those who live in the Yelllow House.

Sallie is on the Board of Autism Speaks and serves on its Science Committee, along with serving on the Community Advisory Committee and Family Services Committee. She is board president of SafeMinds and is on the board of Valley Life for All and the Aspen Hope Center.

Katie & Max Grange

Katie has distinguished herself with a unique blend of determination and fierce advocacy. She currently serves as member of the Colorado Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities and is Chairperson of their Planning and Grants Committee.

Her most important qualification and experience comes from advocating for her 27 year-old son, Max Grange, a young adult with significant physical disabilities. Katie has applied those struggles and successes into being a leading voice for people with disabilities.

In her community of the Roaring Fork Valley, she is involved with community building and affordable housing. Her past experience includes serving on boards which advocate for inclusive education, community, recreation and long-term care.

Katie works as a real estate broker for Aspen Snowmass Sotheby’s International Realty and has done work around the globe connecting people to real estate in the Roaring Fork Valley. She is passionate about housing opportunities for all!

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