A Community Where Individuals, Families & Providers Come Together to Advance & Enable Technology for People with Special Needs


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About Us

Our Mission

With technology, our children have risen to meet their full potential. Each of us and our children have forged new vistas by technology, increasing participation in classrooms, communities and workplaces. Our mission is to continue to discover new technologies, educate others on technological resources available, and influence the very policy-makers and producers that shape the tech industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to live in a world where individuals with disabilities and special needs are pioneering the forefront of technology. A world where demand for technology is pulled by individual’s need rather than pushed by corporation’s pockets. Families at the Forefront stands to create a beneficial relationship between technology producers and those who have the greatest need for technology to enable their lives. We invite you to stand with us.

Our Focus

Families at the Forefront of Technology (FFT) is the brainchild of five families, each pioneers in the world of special needs and disability. Our dynamic group of individuals come with impressive personal and professional track records and are known for creativity and innovate solutions for people with disabilities in Colorado. Please see our About page learn more about each families’ individual focus.

MILLION Special Needs Individuals in the United States


That Adds Up to 1 out of Every 5 Americans


Of The 56.7 MILLION Disabled Americans Are UNDER 44 Years Old


of Today's US Jobs Require a Computer. Expected to rise to 77% in this Decade.

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familiesforefronttech_square_withborder Getting the Right People Together to Develop & Enable Assisted Technology for Our Special Needs Loved Ones and Americans. We want family members AND individuals with special needs to join us. Please see our tiered pricing to help you join us at the conference.
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of (non-disabled) U.S. Adults Use the Internet


of Disabled Adults Use the Internet

Because Internet-enabled devices are not set up for the 20% disabled population in the U.S. Most wheelchairs can not fit under a standard computer desk. Most computers are not designed to accommodate those with physical movement barriers.

How to Reach Us

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